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Masterstudiengang am UdK Berlin Career College

Judy Dunaway: „The latex balloon as a vibrational sound source“

Sound Studies Lecture am 10. Nov. 2014

Judy Dunaway nutzt für ihre Improvisationen und Kompositionen seit über 20 Jahren Ballons als vorrangiges Musikinstrument. In der offenen Lecture sprach sie über die faszinierenden Einsatz von Ballons als ernstzunehmendes Musikinstrument, stellte die Geschichte des Ballons in der Experimentalmusik vor und diskutierte ihre eigenen Werke in diesem Medium. Im Anschluss an die Lecture gab es eine Publikums-Performance ihrer „Balloon Symphony No. 2.“.

EN: Latex balloons have been Judy Dunaway’s primary musical instrument and compositional focus for over twenty years. She will talk about the amazing physics of how balloons function as sound conduits, present an overview of the history of the balloon in experimental music, and discuss her own works in this medium (with video and audio examples provided). The lecture will be followed by an audience performance of her „Balloon Symphony No. 2.“ (All balloons and materials will be provided for free.)

Judy Dunaway has presented her free improvisations and compositions on balloons as serious musical instruments, as well as sound installations and electronic works utilizing balloons, throughout the U.S. and Europe a many significant festivals and venues including Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Cologne), Avant-Garde Schwaz Festival (Austria), Alternative Museum (NYC), Bang on a Can Festival (NYC), Everson Art Museum (Syracuse) or Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe). She has performed as a balloon player in compositions by John Zorn and Roscoe Mitchell, and has performed live improvisations on balloons with many outstanding musicians including Jennifer Walshe, John Hollenbeck, Yasunao Tone, and the FLUX Quartet. CDs of her works for balloons have been released on the CRI and Innova labels, among others. She has a Ph.D. in music composition from Stony Brook University (New York) and an M.A. in experimental composition from Wesleyan University where she studied with Alvin Lucier.

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IMG_1173 IMG_1197_bearbPublikums-Performance „Balloon Symphony No. 2.“


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