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Bodies of Sound – Electronic Music Week

Präsentation von Kompositionen Sound Studies-Studierender

Im Rahmen der International Electronic Music Week, die vom 19. bis 25. Oktober 2013 in Shanghai stattfand, wurden drei Arbeiten von Studierenden des Masterstudiengangs Sound Studies vorgestellt. Stephan Mauer von IOSONO, präsentierte im Forum „Soundscapes – 3D Sound“ erfolgreich die Kompositionen von Jan Brauer, Christian Losert, Jessica Ekomane und Christoph März. „Für die Offenheit, Spontaneität und geleistete Arbeit von Thomas Koch und den Studierenden möchte ich mich persönlich und im Name der IOSONO-Crew bedanken.“ so Stephan Mauer.

Aus dem Programm:

“Bodies of Sound” (Stephan Mauer, IOSONO)

The lecture focuses on how to give dimension and imaging to virtual sound objects embodying both natural and artificial sounds for large venues. Artistic goals and approaches are utilized to derive concepts of technical realization for three-dimensional sound reinforcement. Ideas for designing such sound systems and how to interface with such systems in a live situation are discussed.

Demonstration Session with compositions by UdK Berlin’s “Sound Studies” master’s programme:

1. „Clockwork“ by Jan Brauer and Christian Losert
Imagine being in the middle of a giant clockwork. What would it sound like? Christian Losert and Jan Brauer have tried to recreate this unique acoustic space, using samples of old clockworks and programming them to move in circular and non-circular patterns.
Jan Brauer is a media designer and musician born in 1985 in Wiesbaden. He produces and plays music as part of German trio Brandt Brauer Frick and works as a sound designer, artist and DJ in Berlin.

2. „On Foreign Grounds (I. A call to prayer / II. The day they burnt all the idols / III. …And we ran to the warmth of your center)“ by Jessica Ekomane
This piece is built on found sounds that became the raw material for an experiment in creating surreal imagery. Using a software for impulse response and plugging things together when they shouldn’t be, the purpose was to pervert the naturalist act of trying to simulate pre-existing places and turn it into a metaphorical one. The samples have been merged with each other, thus altering the former technological container/content correlation of impulse responses to form poetical images translated sonically.
Jessica Ekomane creates sound installations and music concentrating on the interplay of sound and space as well as the physical and emotional power of sound. For her work, she has received an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica 2013 and has been nominated for the Phonurgia Award 2012.

3. „Raumgreifer (Irgendwas mit Maschine)“ by Christoph März
Grid winches of a rigging loft are gaining independent existence. From off-stage they come into the limelight, performing a space-consuming choreography, flying in scenery and dropping various props.
Christoph März is a Berlin based musician and sound engineer. His works include music, soundtracks and kinetic sound installations.

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