Sound Studies Klangarchiv

Masterstudiengang am UdK Berlin Career College

Thomas Ankersmid – „experimental approaches to analogue modular synthesis“

Sound Studies Lecture am 05. November 2012

Thomas Ankersmit (1979, Leiden, The Netherlands) is a musician and installation artist based in Berlin and Amsterdam. His main instruments are the Serge analogue modular synthesizer, computer, and alto saxophone.
Since the early 2000’s, Ankersmit, in his music and installation work, uses psychoacoustic and physical phenomena such as naturally occurring echoes, otoacoustic emissions and infrasound, as well as highly directional („Holosonic“) sound. Ankersmit regularly performs together with composer Phill Niblock and with electroacoustic artists Valerio Tricoli and Kevin Drumm.
His music is released by the Touch and PAN labels.
Ankersmit’s sound and installation work has been presented throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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